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1865 census for Asker


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ID: bf01038013001038 Number of people present:
Residence no.: 0002 Number of residents:
Farm no.: Number of households:
Property no.: 47a, 47b, 47d Number of person lists:
Annexes for night stay?: Number of buildings: 2
Which annexes: Number of residents in barn:
Agricultural questions: Number of residents in stable:
3rd annex: Number of residents in 3rd annex:
4th annex: Number of residents in 4th annex:
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Agricultural information

Farmer: Peter Kristen Boye Seeds: hv1 ru4/8 by1 2/8 ha2 er4/8 po3
Farmer's occupation: Gaardbruger Selveier og pangsjonist Værft?? Livestock: he2 ku13 få2 sv1
Garden and fruit trees: Vehicles and machines:

Residents Name Age/born Place of birth Family position Marital status Occupation Residential status
001 01 Peter Kristen Boye 77 Kongsberg hf g Gaardbruger Selveier og pangsjonist Værft??
002 01 Elise Kristine Boye 60 Støren i Trondjems Stift hans Kone g
003 01 Lovise Vilhelmine Boye 40 søndre Aurdal i Valders deres Datter ug
004 01 Marie Magrete Boye 28 Jevnaker deres Datter ug
005 01 Elise Boye 23 Jevnaker deres Datter ug
006 01 Otto Abraham Boye 20 Jevnaker deres Søn ug
007 01 Karl Andreassen 27 Asker ug Tjenestedreng
008 01 Peter Olsen 15 Asker ug Tjenestedreng
009 01 Gunnild Hansdatter 30 Asker ug Tjenestepige
010 01 Oline Eriksdatter 23 Asker ug Tjenestepige
011 01 Karen Petersdatter 17 Asker ug Tjenestepige

Tellingskrets Name of census district Local parish Parish Municipality / City Notes
002 4de Asker Asker

Source Information

Folketelling 1865 for 0220P Asker prestegjeld

ID: 38013

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Information on the searchable version

Period: 1865-1865

Fully transcribed/Index: ftr

Level of proof reading:

Associated to: DA

Last published: 2012-05-14

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