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1865 census for Fredrikstad/Glemmen

Syver H. Andreasen

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ID: pf01037998002893 Gender: m
Role: Age: 3
Household no.: 02 Date of birth: 1863 (calculated)
Person no.: 009 Place of birth: Fredriksstad
Family position: deres Søn Residential status:
Marital status: ug Habitual residence:
Occupation: Assumed residence:
Unemployed: Building for night stay:
Religious community: Citizenship:
State of illness: Ethnicity/father's ethnicity:
Duration of illness: Mother's ethnicity:
Provider's profession: Language:
Relationship with husband: Floor:
Scanned image: School:
Migrated to: Home municipality:
Address at last census: Place at last census:
Address moved from: Place moved from:

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Household members Name Age/born Place of birth Family position Marital status Occupation Residential status
001 01 Lars Thorersen 40 Eidsberg Prgj. Husfader g Sorteserer
002 01 Hellene Elingsdatter 41 Tune Prgj. hans Kone g
003 01 Hartvig E. Karlsen 12 Sverige deres Søn ug
004 02 Andreas Andersen 48 Skibtvet Prgj. Husfader g Skibber
005 02 Anne Syversdatter 36 Tune Prgj. hans Kone g
006 02 Anton Andreasen 13 Borge Prgj. deres Søn ug
007 02 Antonette M. Andreasdatter 7 Borge Prgj. deres Datter ug
008 02 Kristian Andreasen 5 Borge Prgj. deres Søn ug
009 02 Syver H. Andreasen 3 Fredriksstad deres Søn ug

Residence (house/farm/property) Residence name Farm no. Property no. Number of households Number of people present Number of residents
0115 Nygaard* 2 9

Census district Name of census district Local parish Parish Municipality / City Notes
003 Nygaard Glemminge Frederiksstad Samtlige Huusholdninger paa denne Liste høre til den Deel af Sognet, der tillægges Kjøbstaden med Undtagelse af 1 paa Side 18, hvorved er gjordt Anmerkning

Source Information

Folketelling 1865 for 0132L Fredrikstad prestegjeld, Glemmen sokn

ID: 37998

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Period: 1865-1865

Fully transcribed/Index: ftr

Level of proof reading:

Associated to: DA

Last published: 2012-05-14

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