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1875 census for 0102P Sarpsborg

Alberthine Andreasen

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ID: pf01052005000685 Gender: k
Role: Age:
Household no.: 02 Date of birth: 1869
Person no.: 009 Place of birth: Sarpsborg
Family position: d Residential status: b
Marital status: Habitual residence:
Occupation: Assumed residence:
Unemployed: Building for night stay:
Religious community: Citizenship:
State of illness: Ethnicity/father's ethnicity:
Duration of illness: Mother's ethnicity:
Provider's profession: Language:
Relationship with husband: Floor:
Scanned image: School:
Migrated to: Home municipality:
Address at last census: Place at last census:
Address moved from: Place moved from:

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Household members Name Age/born Place of birth Family position Marital status Occupation Residential status
001 01 Lars Larsen 1822 Ide Pr. hf g Tomtarbeider b
002 01 Anette Jacobsen 1821 Navsta Sogn Bohuslehn Konen b
003 01 Hana Larsen 1862 Frhald d ug b
004 01 Hans Larsen 1865 Sarpsborg s b
005 02 Andreas Andersen 1818 Skibtvedt hf g Tomtarbeider b
006 02 Anne Sivertsen 1829 Tune Konen b
007 02 Syver Andreasen 1862 Frstad s ug b
008 02 Thea Andreasen 1867 Borge d b
009 02 Alberthine Andreasen 1869 Sarpsborg d b
010 03 Ole Dietriksen 1820 Borge hf g Tomtarbeider b
011 03 Helene Olsen 1819 Skieberg Konen b
012 03 Edvard Olsen 1849 Borge s ug Arbeider b
013 03 Antonette Olsen 1854 Borge d b

Residence (house/farm/property) Name District House no. Type of house Number of person lists Number of people present Number of residents
0054 235, 176

Census district Name of census district Local parish Parish Municipality / City Notes
001 Sarpsborg

Source Information

Folketelling 1875 for 0102P Sarpsborg prestegjeld

ID: 52005

Asta: RA/S-2231/E

Archive: Statistisk sentralbyrå, Sosioøkonomiske emner, Folketellinger, boliger og boforhold

Storage location: Riksarkivet

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Period: 1875-1875

Fully transcribed/Index: ftr

Level of proof reading: 010

Associated to: DA

Last published: 2013-12-09

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