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Emigrants from Kristiania 1871-1930, edited version

Oline Olsd. Bakken

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Given name: Oline Last name: Olsd. Bakken
Gender: k Date of birth:
Year of birth: Age: 25
Birth place: Residence: Løiten
Position: Pige Family position:
Date of emigration: 01.09.1871 Port of departure:
Destination: Madison Date of arrival:
Ship: Hero Line:
Agent: Allan Brothers & Co Reason for emigration:
New occupation: Ticket:
Passport: Emigrating with family?:
Remarks: Registration date:
Date of contract: 30.08.1871 Freight cost:
Bringing money: 5 Ticket paid?:
Payment remarks: Betalt i Amerika Emigration permit:
New group: 1 Herred (Municipality):
Bailiff: Nationality:
Cancelled/Crossed out:

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Id: og00000000915135 Serial number:
Protocol reference: 5 Page: 1
Year: 1871 Parish:


Emigranter over Kristiania 1871-1930, redigert utgave

ID: 100098

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Period: 1871-1930

Fully transcribed/Index: ftr

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Last published: 2014-05-28

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